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Hands My dream last night was simple, I went on a journey inside of my hands, I was able to feel what my hands felt, it was a journey Ill not forget. I woke up and Clark got… Learn More (by clicking here)


In Every relationship in our lives, friendships, family, romantic and professional can potentially be destroyed by conflict. The solution is not to ignore the conflict or keep moving around hoping to find the perfect person or perfect people…. Learn More (by clicking here)

Twin Flames….

What is a Twin Flame relationship… Many of post, many of research have been sent out about the relationship that is beyond the soul mate connection.  This search for wholeness has a beginning and a bigger place of… Learn More (by clicking here)

Lightening Could Strike….

Ever wonder what it is that when you sleep you can’t remember your dreams?   This is on purpose for us here. For some of the best sleep you get is when you don’t remember the dreams. Consider… Learn More (by clicking here)

Relationship advice… How successful will your relationships be?

Rising above thought…  Awakening…   If you think you have found a post that will answer it all..  You have stumbled into the minds need for more.  I will be more when I awaken.. I will be in… Learn More (by clicking here)

How deep is your love????

Read this and try not to tear up… we have blogs to be written here!


I know the mind is a very powerful thing. It keeps us from flowing and keeps us playing every scenario over and over.  This told me something. It told me you still have that fight in you.  I… Learn More (by clicking here)

All the sex and the love in the world does have an answer how you can achieve just this!!!

How the sexes handle hurt!