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How do you catch rejection of self?

How often do you find yourself saying, I am not good enough?  I am not what someone would want, I am not important, what I feel doesn’t matter.  These ways of thinking about yourself take huge amounts of… Learn More (by clicking here)

Dear Soul…

        Dear Soul, I am writing you this to know I never meant to be against you in my existence inside, you keep making my heart beat in moments that seem unbearable, pointing me to… Learn More (by clicking here)

Twin Flames block enabled..

It’s not that they block you, you seek yourself in them when this is not what a twin flame union is at all… Welcome to the glass box…   Clark, thank you for the wonderful posts on this… Learn More (by clicking here)

Attachment of Twin Flames.. The how, the why, the truth!

Where our explosion happened have spoken to us…   The answer… Twin Flames   The sum of energy combined is the equation for the result, is the separation and the reconnection of the sum this speaks of.  … Learn More (by clicking here)