The Birth and Death Illusion….

when you are lost to mind thoughts for example.. tomorrows problems or the end of the week or a fight from yesterday you have to remember a few things to get you back on track.  None of that exist right now, in other words your mind can withstand the capacity to do everything else to include the body’s needs to keep in each moment.  So why shouldn’t you just embrace just that and be as you are and be at peace.  The mind will keep you trapped for as long as you let it.  You are powerless to stop this if it is the pattern or habit you tend to keep.  Don’t keep such a thing it was not meant for you to keep.

Even fear of something coming that the outcome is unknown will be something that you can’t predict or say what will happen so why worry or be fearful of something that is not right now.  If you live in the place where you worry about things that aren’t before you.  We all are trapped in this some how, not by choice but by learned response.  All the messages before us are of this very thing.  We enable our lives to be lived by not just birth and death but never about the true reason we are here.  Life.. life is never ending.. it doesn’t know how… it sustains long after any physical being we continue to manifest within.  Nature is beyond amazing… just believe!

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