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This post is dedicated to all of the Hero’s that we watch, write and learn about during our time here in this existence..

This year marks one iconic hero for 75 years of being written about.. The origin story came out and it seemed as real as it could be for how we would respond to such a being, who can do anything that we can’t.  To include make limitless flight in gravity.  Yet, what I felt was incredible about this story is the view we get to understand, to see ourselves and see how we would treat such a being through his eyes.  We see the deep belief he has in our ways to find compassion through our challenges and even how we view anything we can’t understand.  This compassionate message for this hero who is here to save not just the existence we get to have, but the existence itself and how precious it is, that we don’t see how no matter what, he is able to adapt and embrace us before we could adapt and embrace him.

Every child has a hero, some that go into a suit of armor to cover the egoic nature of what if I could change the world, the other part of which loses something along the way, I feel lost in a way that space tells me that more is out there, yet the fear overshadows the mind dominance of thinking we are not alone.  How one child can dream and see the truth and how that truth changes everything, this is the truth of why we have hero’s!

We watch our hero’s looking for something.. It’s strange that we don’t see this as we wake with this feeling every day that someone will come and save us.  We experience this in the heroic nature of the human condition to not just become the savior to someone we know but even those we don’t.

I recently saw a episode of What would you do?  There was a take on how we treat each other in our own freedom that we sometimes stumble or treat each other in such a way, it only takes someones act of kindness to fly us away from what we missed, what we treasured.. Those individuals are why gives us the momentum to fly on our own!  This one particular hero a military soldier who looked directly at someone and said it is not my duty to look at someone because they are different I fight for the freedom that we can even feel that way, it won’t matter what color you are, what religious belief you have. If your rights are in danger I am the one that sees it without any judgement of any of that.  Heroes like this were there before comics or books they just felt something inside that said, “I will never abandon you no matter what!”

I take the fact that WordPress is here to remind us that while reading someone else’s experience there is always a hidden heroine that could say something to change someone’s day or even someone’s existence.  These words take flight all there own..

I was recently given a great award by a brilliant writer, brilliant being all to himself well the love of his family seems to keep him inspired.  He inspires teams in the heroic sense and does so with stories that are written here..  If you never get to find something for the heart it will be found in this hero right here!

Coach Muller

WOW! “The Inner Peace Award”

Thanks for inspiring us all my dear friend!


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  1. I STILL have so many heroes. And it sounds as if that blogger that gave you the award is one of yours…:)

    heroes are great–like demi gods…you know, in sensible measure…

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