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The total picture…..


To paint the total picture,

How colorful is your life? Is it filled with a lot of dark colors?

Is it filled with shades of gray to have shadows in the background.

Or is your life full of color like a prism?

Do you search out for new colors in this moment knowing that it is there for you to see at any given point in this moment?

Or do you look out to a future knowing you will find the colors before you to see them as beautiful as they will be because the mind can tell you what colors to look for?

how many colors your mind can allow you to see depends of the places inside you that are brought into the light. Still scratching your head… Well for those that got this you are very much a part of this present moment as anyone else will still go what does the present moment have to do with colors?

The present moment when you remove a past and future to it are able to show you this moment and your place within it. The colors will take on life and breathe in sync with what you see before you!

If you sit and look into her eyes how many different colors do you see in her?  Does she blink a lot when you look at her? Does she blush? Do her cheeks change a shade of color?  Do you see into her and see the magnificence inside of her in this moment?  Her chest inhaling and exhaling her existence in your presence!

When I wake early in each day to see her sleep with her beauty in place. I don’t want to miss it, I can’t see not doing that everyday of my existence here! You see it isn’t about the mind interacting with her as we make this the primordial place of the relationship with her.  If she lays next to you at night and you continue to miss this, you will miss the true place of connection that wants and needs your immediate attention.  Clear your mind and love so you can embrace her essence in this moment.

You then see how you blend into her as much as she blends into you!

The interactive constructs of the mind don’t need you to interact from the mind.  Isn’t there enough attention on this already which allows for misunderstandings, feelings of loneliness, etc..

What about the places of no mind that require you to just be with her.  Be with her when she isn’t there. Realize how the energy changes in her absence and it will show you how she brings you to life in her presence.  It is not that you are dead when she is gone. You actually feel and see things different in her absence!

The colors will seem different if you are alone.  Yet when you realize you are not ever alone. allow as all energy is there inside of you and around you!  It is the energy field of the same love that you want to be drawn to you!  Do you remember coloring in a coloring book when you were younger?  Did you stay in the lines or go outside of them? Those of you that went outside of the lines cause you could congratulations you are able to do this more freely than those that didn’t!  Those that stayed within the lines.  This direction you need to go may be difficult for you as your mind is conditioned to keep control of you at all times.

I am not saying this is a bad thing, yet when you try to break free of this, it will keep asking you more questions of why, never ever seeing that to ask why is only going to keep you from doing so!  In the end what is the point? right?  The point is this!

Break free to see all the colors to bring color into your life! It will only bring you a brighter smile and a place to not have any reason to not smile!

The goal of this is not to show you your mind. But to show you what your mind doesn’t allow you to see.  From where you are, look up and see how many colors you see.  If you see more than 100 colors you are on track to becoming closer to the present moment.

If you see 99 or less you are only using a very small portion of your greater intelligence in you.  Wake up!! Get out of your mind!  She needs you to, He needs you to!

What color are her/his eyes? Are you sure you know?

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