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Truth in connection..

Fantasy-LoveHow do I know if my connection is a twin flame or soul mate connection?  There are of course different energies that will pull at something inside you, that are of course significant to you, and how you embrace the other.  On one hand you will have this feeling as though the other can touch something deep within you.  This is a very intense feeling, a feeling of connection, and understanding that you have not experienced.  It could be that the connection of no mind has met itself on a level that reaches the vibrations of you.  This connection is very sane in it’s purpose of allowing you to experience true moments of the same vibration, that vibrates you inside yourself.  This connection will have a slight pull, yet not significant enough to allow you to change the current mode of thought, and keep you in the same processes of the mind, that keep you from the connection itself.  In other words, you will not make any significant choices to change your life to meet the connection, as it will be to much to change and will leave you more empty than fulfilled.  This is not the doing of the twin flame, yet the significance of the soul mate connection.


The greater sacrifice that happens in the twin flame union, is not this connection although it feels as though it could be, it is incorrect in that mode of experiencing.  The twin flame connection will give you a beyond connection, and deeper connection inside yourself. It will see all things that aren’t the truth and give you more of the truth that points to the light deep within you.  You will see this as a painful threshold, yet you will make it so there is no other choice but to face the truth.  For what pains you, will keep within, you are always keeping you from yourself, and the true place of love within you.



This is what you want to give to the world.  The truth is the deepest love you can give to someone or anyone outside yourself.  As you find the path to be defined deep within you to give the truth the deeper inside of you that you will come to and allow the place of being to emerge.  The twin flame connection is the union that gives love in the most undesirable circumstances breaking all conditions to unconditional without choice.


Remember inside you is a place of choices.. this connection sees none. It is about purpose and about connection to what was disconnected inside you.  You are not able to make a choice to stay apart for every part of what you felt inside now will feel more fully.  It is ok to say I can deny this choice.  Yet in the twin flame element is the polarity pull of being together.  What can be stated as denial is nothing more than another hurdle of staying within the lie of opposites.  It is not selective in this as it doesn’t matter if you are a male or female the choice becomes simple in what it means and what it is there to do in the connection you both share.


Two bodies one soul.. this is the clear definition of the twin flame union.  There is soul to soul mate.. two souls that have the consistent vibrational energy that will strike cords in you. Then there is the current role of relationships which can have strong communication and have the ability to adapt and live.  I can understand the need to find something that exist that needs the belief that you have within you.  There is someone for everyone, yet it is not the same as what I am pointing to here.


The twin flame is the soul that is shared between two.  The bodies separate can’t be apart.  It just is.. If you have seen an atom split, this is the same thing if they can remain next to each other after splitting they still emerge together.  The strands of the make up of the atom still are connected no matter what.

The twin flame union can also direct energy as much as it can heal objects, it has this purpose to do so and to connect within the frequency of the energy of all.  You can’t run from yourself any longer.  To do so will create isolation to the world as you know it, for something in you breathes stronger than it has before. It will see the open door to change and wants to run to it.  If you can think your way out of this you are not truthfully with the twin flame, again vibrational energy can rock any foundation and the deeper foundation of the twin flames is beyond thought.  If your connection is twin flame it will ring so loudly and cause such a pull that to even try and run will only create the opposite. This embedded in you finds a way.. the more you run from it, the more painful the circumstances will happen when it catches you. It will catch you no matter how fast or hard you run.


I wish I could make this a post stating that the twin flame union is attainable in just staying as you are, I am not permitted to lie or paint a picture, just give the truth.  You can run but you can’t hide from yourself or anyone else.  Energy has a reason to point and I am pointing to it here and now.  Inside you has the ability to successfully accept this as the truth.  If you are searching for, or believe you have found your twin flame.. Understand why it is called a twin flame it is called this as a matter of consequence. When a match is lit and placed next to another match it will catch fire, combined the fire will burn brightly alone it will not.  If you see this as a drawing energy that can keep the two lit you are correct for without it the purpose is lost.


Twin Flames have one purpose… connection.. there is no other way to say it and no other purpose for it.  This connection sees all other connections and connects it together.  It is not for the light hearted and not for the sake of putting off till later.  If you feel later will suffice you are not seeing this connection as a twin flame connection rather a soul mate connection with the only place of connecting is the soul to soul connect.  Way different and way out from what the twin flame union can create.


Two bodies one soul.. not two minds keeping two souls..  huge difference isn’t it?


As I sit here knowing that some search for what the think will make them whole this connection calls to the wholeness that you are without any thoughts about it. It is the truth in connection and it is the truth in understanding.


Now if this speaks to you and you have found that you are wanting such a connection then it is time to go inside yourself and call to it.  You do so in the way that it changes without thought.  The pains you keep locked away in you are now within you to heal. No more blame, no more finger pointing outside yourself. No more mind dominated thoughts that keep you repeating the behaviors that you feel are just who you are.  Every opposite you can give to yourself give. It is the wholeness that points to this to allow what is supposed to come to you to come.  Making this wish something within you calls to the energy that was always on it’s way to you.  I can’t make this happen for you or to you.. unless you make this simple choice.. Yes I said simple, because the mind will make it complicated, you will not!


Love the places in you deeply to include the dark places you think can keep you from it, for the light will shine on what you embrace inside of love.  That has always been the way.  Just.Believe!


Thank you for listening and for reading…

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    • I would say I only know the truth within me, the mind really doesn’t have any place in what I speak from nor it’s place inside the ego to say genius.. It was the very truth that kept me from the truth. I can only tell you what comes from what isn’t thought up or mind made.. This connection is that very thing. I am so happy it touched you deeply… for it has it’s place inside you to point to the only truth you have within you. Awakening is just that awakening to the truth of you are not your mind.. never have been! 😉

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