Twin Flame Connection: Are You the Runner or the Chaser?


Twin Flame Runner and Chaser

When it comes to the twin flame connection, you may have heard a lot about how there’s always a runner and chaser. However, part of the purpose of the twin flame dynamic is to help you see things in a different perspective. Let’s take a deeper look at who is really the runner and chaser, as we often label and describe the connection based on what our mind is telling us. Is the runner also the chaser and the chaser also the runner? Hmmm.

Our goal is to help you help yourself find your truth. Take your time to answer these 5 questions with a “yes” or “no” and scroll down.

Are you standing in your truth?

1) Do you avoid sharing thoughts with who you’re connected to?

2) In this connection, do you experience memories of someone and fear they will do the same thing to you at some point? If you experienced pain or have a reason to not trust the person based on someone else who hurt you, and this person truly triggers this fear in you and causes you to shut down and hide what you truly want to share with them, do you communicate this to your connection?

3) Do you find yourself truly present when interacting with the connection when it is available to you? And then when it is not, do you feel a sense of withdrawal or as if you lost something? Do you lose your appetite or experience behavior such as stalking them or seeking something from them without communicating this behavior to your connection?

4) Do you seek online information that explains what you are experiencing? Do you relate to this information and then profile the connection whether it be the male or female energy connection? Do you label your connection or fear telling them what the connection is whether it be twin flame, soul mate, karmic mate, etc?

5) Due to the overwhelming pull to be together, do you see this connection as your salvation or key to happiness? Do you feel that being physically with your connection will make you whole?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this is where you must look deeper inside. Not inside the connection to the other person, but rather, the connection you have within yourself.

This can point to you being either a runner or a chaser. Both are almost the same as both consist of being stuck in your mind and creating a mental projection of what the connection should be and will manifest into based on what you EXPECT this connection will give you. The challenge then happens where you will then set rules and boundaries and try and manifest a relationship into a connection. A relationship requires a role that each will play to be in an insane drama that causes expectations to be met in a way that is never communicated because what is seen in the mind doesn’t match with the connection. This will cause both running and chasing.


If you answered “no” to all of these questions, then something deeper is the foundation for the connection you have to yourself. You are on the right path to your knower and unconditional love for yourself. You communicate all your thoughts as though they seem to show up in you as a place to heal. You don’t seek the other person for your happiness for uncovering this is a happiness you will grant in the peace you already have within yourself.


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