Twin Flames: Sick and tired of being sick and tired?






Lets face it, Union is what most of us are after. Union with the Twin is a focus. How do I get there? I am so frustrated, what do I do? I am ready to give up! I no longer want to be connected!
how do I stop obsession over this? OMG My Twin is marrying someone else, or is already married! I can’t stop looking at their social media accounts. I am trying to do the inner work, or I have done my inner work, why am I not in union? Why do I have to be the one doing all the work? These questions and statements are what we literally hear all day everyday. We enjoy what we do, and we spend many hours doing it. One thing we will NEVER tell you is who your Twin is or is not. We believe that is only something YOU know internally. What we do is listen, without judgement. We fall in love with you and show you how to fall in love with yourself.
Doing your work is something no one can do for you. What we do is give you the tools and guide you along and assist you and hold you and support you while you are experiencing difficult issues. We get this question all of the time and while it is a controversial question we have never really answered it publicly. The Question is, Can you help me get into UNION ?
Our Answer is we can “Guide” you to union. That means we start with you, and once that happens, well I will say this, 98.9 % of the time BEFORE we are even half way through, we get the email, “OMG YOU GUYS, YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO BELIEVE WHO CONTACTED ME, UNBLOCKED ME, E MAILED ME, CALLED ME, STOPPED BY. “Whatever the case is, TRUTHFULLY We are never surprised. Problem is the obsession sets in and then its time consuming and the coaching is the last thing on the “mind” and then shit hits the fan, and here comes an email, sorry guys I don’t know what to do.
We often have clients who take what we say to them, absorb it, but do not really like the “truth” often times and they finish out the package and do not really utilize the tools and we watch in the groups as they post the same questions over and over and we watch the obsession unfold in front of us, Hamster wheels racing against one another. We take a very truthful approach to this thing we all call the Twin Flame dynamic. We don’t sugarcoat anything. We do not catch you up in “mystical things” such as chakras or cords or rituals or anything of that nature, it is not that we do not believe in any of those things, it is because to much going on at once adds to way to much damn confusion, Our mission comes in the beginning. The clearing, The inner work, The self help, The understanding of it all, taking all of the confusion out of it, and breaking it down really simple. There is a time and a place for “mystical things”. The beginning is not it.
This connection is simple, it is a connection. Union is where it becomes complicated. We watch as couples break down over the internet, we watch families get involved and restraining orders and jealousy, and moving to different parts of the country unfold in front of our eyes, adding religion and drugs and all kinds of other things into the connection. Focus comes off Union and becomes very human and shit gets real, the public displays of arguing, the pissing matches, it all becomes overwhelming and makes it all the more confusing to those looking for something to cling to.
Our Journey was not all roses and unicorns. Literally there was manipulation, adultery, lies, jail, other people, manipulation, prostitution, womanizing, hateful words, separations, homelessness, disconnection, hate, jealousy. I could go on for days. The fact is We have been through the hardest parts, part of our mission is to help coach so YOU DON’T HAVE TO.
We can help you! We have a team of coaches we trust and who have been PERSONALLY trained by us to assist us in our mission and we have a hand full of them assisting in mission already! We CAN HELP YOU.. even if you have been in coaching with us before and you think you got it so you didn’t finish, we can still help you! even if you feel you cannot handle anymore truth, WE CAN HELP YOU. If you are married or your TWIN IS, OR if they are getting married to someone else.. or if they are a celebrity and you don’t think THEY even know you exist, WE CAN HELP YOU.
If you do not make an investment in yourself, who will? This is about you! IT STARTS WITH YOU! This dynamic is not NEAR AS DIFFICULT as most of you are making it, It is VERY simple…. YOU ARE THE ONES PUTTING OBSTACLES IN THE WAY!!! We can show you how to stop doing that!
Your Union does not have to be as difficult to obtain as ours was, we are here to help you avoid that. Will it all be roses and unicorns? NO. But it can be very simple, and peaceful.
We are in Union, We work side by side everyday, we have overcome obstacles most would not even believe. We are truthful, We are HONEST, We care, We are listening, We can help, We will not judge you, We will not sugarcoat your behaviors, but we can help you correct them and we can help you to stop judging yourself!!! We are Relationship Reinvented, ALL OF US!
We love you
Lee and Sherry

3 Comments on “Twin Flames: Sick and tired of being sick and tired?”

  1. Hello, what I think is my “twin flame” has seemingly continued to ignore me, they are in another relationship with another person and I’m not sure if that is their catalyst for not talking to me, but I would like to be guided into union with them.

    • of course dear friend. if you like you can go to our coaches page or pricing page to select what help you are needing.. we do offer a 30 minute free session as well to help you decide what will work best for your union. Send us an email to us or any coach. Sending you energy dear soul.. Lee and Sherry

  2. Hello Lee and Sherry,

    I read your article with much interest as there are a lot of things to think about twin flames. The sure thing is that no matter how much inner work one of the twin flames does, if the other one is not ready for the union, it will never happen. Sometimes twin flames focus on their inner work hoping that it is good enough. The unfortunate truth is that it may not be enough because the other twin decided that they do not want this connection anymore. This is why the phenomenon of chasers and runners is so frequent because honestly, one of the twins might not be ready for the connection. When everything else has failed, letting go is the last and most painful option.

    It was a pleasure connecting with you today! Wishing you all the best!


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