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Twin Flames….


What is a Twin Flame relationship…

Many of post, many of research have been sent out about the relationship that is beyond the soul mate connection.  This search for wholeness has a beginning and a bigger place of discovery that has to happen inside of the two that find this.. I recently read a post by the Lovejays titled Unconditional Love Part 3-My Conclusion

I read this and realized I didn’t have any of that as a belief system when it comes to what is true inside of me. I respect that this can be known as a phenomena that states all conditions are removed and that you are in a blissful relationship.  This became so far from the truth in our connection I decided to write something that speaks to ones soul as to what this adventure is and what the truth is as it pertains to Unconditional love, soul mates, and twin flames.

If you have conditions you live by within yourself, you will never see the point of this, nor will you ever believe that it is possible to find a relationship that truly is possible to obtain this.


Without making this something that is hard to follow, let’s talk about a mother and son bond….  This bond is cemented in conception the first moments of hearing the heartbeat in an doctors office only give anyone outside the mother the experience that it truly is.  Now for the men that are reading this post; this is where you miss place the true essence of something very magical.  In your human existence here you will only experience one heartbeat inside yourself. You barely recognize this, unless you are fitness nut or you have experienced heart problems, nonetheless you still experience only one heartbeat inside yourself.

Yet your mother has experienced something inside the creation of you, and has the ability to see any human traits that may come from you in awakening, and learning your ego.  This state of identification is something in you that will consume you, and you will never see the point of being able to feel yourself as you once did when you would lay against your mother, and feel her heartbeat, as it comforted you when you were a baby.  Being inside of her was a miraculous event, every moment became more and more of a bond inside the miracle of your birth unconditionally.

You see as your grew inside of her, it was always a place of connection to her, and what she was experiencing that had a heartbeat all to it’s self. As she felt you, she fell deeper in love with you she had no thought process of this, only felt inside of her new and deeply felt.  This had no conditions placed on it.  So even after you were no longer connected inside her, you always will be regardless of what anyone can tell you.  As you age you became more and more dominant in the mind, and less dominant about where you came from.  This is no different for anyone on the planet, yet something more was supposed to be cemented in this connection.

If you absorb what I am saying here, it doesn’t require your belief if you still have your mother present in your existence here….. ask her.  She will tell you what it feels like, most can’t find the words of what it means to have another heartbeat inside you and how it changes how you feel in everything you do.

For those that followed what I am telling you here, it is no secret how to call to something that you were born with.  You see it isn’t about the material world that surrounds you, it is about the wealth of love inside you, that you feel that keeps you to yourself.

Now… How does this relate to twin flame relationship?  Your twin has a unique trait be it a man or a woman they are your connected mate without the relationship I just described..  You can feel their heartbeat inside of your own, when your mind is empty and they can experience the places inside you that you experience.  It doesn’t matter distance, it doesn’t matter male to female you can be the same sex. It really doesn’t matter how tragic your life has been or if you are good or evil.  It is vital that you understand that love is unconditional to include this known fact that no one will ever be able to tell you about the way I am here.

star room

So what I am saying is this..  Unconditional love requires no conditions being met to give the love you have to another.  This is only possible when you give it to yourself.  Some struggle still, the more conditions you wish to change about you, the further apart you will be from this very thing.  An example: I meditate yet I can’t see anything when my eyes are closed.  Waiting for an expectation is a condition is it not?

A soul mate, this person is someone who can be with you and love you greatly. You are compatible with each other. You connect as close as you allow yourself to be and feel moments of both excitement and elevated places inside you.  You are able to meet each others needs and wants on levels you haven’t experienced before nor will you feel you will ever in your time here.  Yet something still inside you finds that you have no concept of soul, as you only have read what it is or have not seen it become something beyond the human being experience from the mind.

A twin flame… this experience calls to you from the inside, you will start to see that you want to be the best you that you can give to them.  So you start to see clearly the conditions you have placed on yourself and others. Healing past things in you that pattered out your existence here.  You also start to purge yourself of things that have killed your beliefs, your right to be right, your hidden places inside you now start to become your places of coming out to experience.  You will feel a vibrational feeling with the other no matter the distance. You will be able to go into each others dreams and be able to see this existence through their eyes when you have released any conditions on yourself to see through your own.  It continues to get stronger, as it does you will be able to experience the same bond that is felt in your coming here beyond what you shared with your mother yet similar in what is felt within.  You will be able to feel the others heartbeat inside your own.  If they stub their toe you will feel a sharp pain in yours.  If they are listening to music you will instantly hear a song play in your head. You will be able to close your eyes when you are not with them to kiss them and they will feel it even if they are not on the same planet.  If you are thinking about something painful the other will become agitated if you keep doing so. If you are in denial of something they will become in denial to.  You can simply push them away from you by non belief in yourself, non belief in this connection comes from them and you. You both can keep each other from each other.  Yet if you change the polarity of your beliefs know this is possible and the possibilities are endless.  Your twin could be the most unfeeling person if you have too much feeling you balance everything to include this belief.

This may sound impossible.. yet the possibilities are endless… I can’t tell you I found this by reading something.  I can only tell you this because I am in one.  I share in everything with her, and I mean everything. I get to share her cycle believe it or not. Don’t need to get into the details and I have been checked by a doctor with no medical reasons why I am bleeding I just do when she does.  I am not here to say anything to you that will make you believe otherwise.  I am however here to tell you that you do have a connection that is solid just as you did when you came here into the human existence. You share this with someone who comes closer to you as you seek inside yourself to find the answers inside yourself.  The more you share with this person when you meet the more time you place in it to stop time to realize time has no place there.

How you decide to experience this can be more than you using your mind within a relationship, you can find this inside of you by knowing you are more beyond your mind.  The feeling of feeling another’s heartbeat inside of you is an incredible feeling and it is supernatural and it doesn’t require you to believe or find a condition that it is ask any woman who has had a child growing inside of them.  It requires your ability to see no conditions right through to your core.  Another can see inside of there and experience everything with you.  They will not be able to judge you, they will not be able to deny how they feel about you.  The attraction you share with each other is timeless.   This will bring you truths.. such as why when someone gets cancer never smoking a day in their existence yet, they get it terminally never realizing that it is because their twin has passed on and becoming a rotting corpse and are now ready for them to join them through the open door.

You see I don’t have the ability to make anything up.. these truths are inside of you… Just as they are me!  It takes only a moment to realize what you are is not within the confines of the mind. You came from a heartbeat connecting with another and you went through an open door sometimes only half of you makes it through, the other follows when it gets the chance. It is not a matter of time… it is a matter to will it to believe it.


I can imagine this will have it’s skeptics but the freedom I have within this connection doesn’t require anyones skeptical mind that still states I am alone inside here and will continue to do so, including someone else’s beliefs.  I am simply stating that it is so far from the truth that you will keep yourself from the greatest love within you, to share with the other who is as much you as you are yourself.

The only time you know there is a mirror is when you experience it to see it for what it is….  Why else do mirrors exist?  If you truly want to heal those places in you we can help.  Ask us anything we are here to share what we are, not by knowing it all.. but by KNOWING.  Huge difference in what I said there one has ego the other doesn’t.

Hope this touched you somewhere inside to reach to.


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  1. Oh my gosh Clark.. your words are beautiful..your posts are eye opening, filled with love, with romance, with utter and complete fullness.. I love reading all your posts. 🙂

    • Awe… ((Blushing)) Thank you my friend.. there is something to be said about being able to express something genuine inside of you. It stirs vibrations of something you know without knowing.. It also gives you a view when you are stating an identity.. Such as I am lost.. you are no more lost than you are an identity. You are MORE my friend.. truly you are. Just stumble out of the path of the mind to see it and more so experience it! 😉

    • I completely agree! Clark your writing gets better everyday if that is possible! Love the photos too ~ they are amazing! (I loved the pregnant belly with the babies foot ~incredible!!)

      • Awe thank you my friend… I loved your recent Youtube as well. I would have spoken from a different place which I feel is coming through more and more when I write. Yes I do feel some of my book keeps bleeding over to this blog… yet it seems that somethings call to you when you can no longer hold them back. 🙂

      • lol, i dont know why, but for some reason the pregnant lady with the baby foot kinda scared the baby is trying to bust our of there or something! :-O

  2. I really appreciated reading this post. Nice to know something I wrote sparked such a passionate flame inside of you. I did consider the mother/child relationship on my journey of unconditional love, but I didn’t really write about it. I am glad you did 🙂 Also, I am definitely going to do more research on the twin flame, truly intriguing! Who knows, maybe I will write a post about the subject one day 😉

    -Miss J

  3. This is also a subject I have done much research on. I met mine and I separated from him. The connection never goes away. Nice to see so many people writing about it! Finding my TF is what made me realize reincarnation existed-really existed. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wonderful expression of thought. Poetic and heartfelt, and much of what you express transcends the beautiful words you use.
    I wanted to share this beautiful song with you. I first heard it while travelling on an overland truck in the middle east a few years ago. I had forgotten about it and coming across your blog reminded me of it:

    • Thank you my friend it always is the intention of what is felt within the words that connects us. Thank you for the song as well.

  5. Interesting post, Clark. It’s got me thinking. There is a girl I met not too long ago who is like no other girl I’ve ever met. We bump into each other a lot by chance….too many times for it to be a coincidence. Sometimes it seems like obsticals are purposely put in front of me to slow me down so that I end up running into her at a specific place or on the street corner. I mean, once or twice I would call that a co-incidence, but 12, 13, 14 times every month? Bad habits I once had have all gone out the window. I have no desire to do those things anymore. And there is no reason for it. I simply just don’t want to do them anymore. I’m also getting a lot of 11:11 prompts everywhere. I’m a very sceptical guy, but maybe I’m resisting too much. You gave me something to think about. Maybe I should just loosen up a bit, and let it have it’s way.

    • My friend those signs are exactly the signs of flames… You maybe from different worlds.. But there is a significant calling. If you need anything don’t hesitate to email me from my gravatar I am here to help… We both are! Lois and Clark

  6. My friend I understand that pain more than you can marine and by design it is not supposed to be easy the rewards in gifts outweigh any pain you can experience.. I wrote you back my friend and I hope to hear back from you… Clark

  7. I just found your blog and a lot of what you said made me go “OMG! me too” or “That explains it!” for example when you talked about you thinking you have a heart condition… but problem is.. I have not yet met my TF/TS unlike you.. although I have recently been made aware of his whereabouts.

    I find your connection with Lois amazing especially you bleeding when she does and the baby’s heartbeat. Wow.

    I am still trying to figure everything out but I’ve been aware of “him” since I was 15. I am now 37. There has been some years that I gave up or tried to forget him but it seems suddenly in 2010, i have been “activated” or something. I still don’t know why but am looking for answers everyday..

    All the very best to you 🙂

  8. I definitely have been seeing numbers. for years now. but more intensely after 2010. 1111 in any configuration (11/111/11:11 etc etc) also many other numbers ranging from 222,333,444,555,666,999.

    I speak to him in my head that sometimes i think i am nuts!

    • yes the thinking always has to identity with what it can’t understand and only you do. That is when it becomes confusing. The more the splinter in you that you are not your mind causes you to awaken the more the truth of all things come to you! 🙂

  9. Oh so true! Twin flames connection is divine. After you meet and recognize your TF, none of the two will ever be the same again..
    This experience changes the lives of two as they know it and opens windows to miracles, like telepathy, shared dreaming, feeling each others energies on a huge distance…
    TF experience makes us face ourselves deeper and become the best, complete versions of us, in order reunite with our beloved…
    Love in TF pairing is a true miracle!

    • Yes my friend no more hiding from the pain, time to place love inside of it to heal to become the truth about who you are connected not only to yourself but deeply rooted in another!

  10. Your blog here is truly a gift. I SO know what you have experienced. I experience such with my twinsoul as well. Thank you for such a beautiful gift of Love. The wisdom of twinsouls is so needed that is why myself, you, and those who are meant to share such are. Thank you. And keep sharing from your heart.

    • Awe thank you my friend… I wanted it to be shared as it is a greater love that you can experience that goes beyond the meaning of the word itself. 🙂

  11. Absolutely spot on and truth!! I KNOW this as I also experience and am experiencing this with my twin flame… soooo blessed. Thank you for this article!!

  12. glad to hear everyone here has had positive experiences overall. i would like to severt ties with tf. can anyone tell me how this canbe done superman do you have any ideas?

    • The truth is this connection has much to heal within you.. Past fears, past pains you keep alive in suffering. Relationships that are broken that are maintained by the need to be right to make the other person wrong. The more you feel your twin is your pain the more the reality sets in about what you feel about yourself inside the connection. You can heal my friend, but not without doing your work! This is a mirrored relationship.. It points to even the depths of the relationship you have with yourself. So how you sever the tie is how you heal these hidden unresolved feelings you keep within yourself. Email us we will be able to help you! Clark

  13. I agree with what Clark said to you as well babooshka. I will also say though after having healed within there does come a point where you still feel that you may walk away. Not because of anything Clark has said above, for once you heal within and love yourself within, you come to a point where you know and understand that you love yourself and your twinsoul so as to know that once you have healed within and that they are still in body choosing body not fully the soul in body that you need not put up with such experiences and therefore walking away becomes not only healthy but necessary. Not that you are ever not connected to your twinsoul for you always are there is no separation. Heal yourself first indeed as Clark says, and then if such continues you then know that it is within your twinsoul because yes you share the same soul however there still is two physical bodies that have experiences to heal and when one chooses to do and be so and the other does not, the only thing you can do and be is continue to be in soul and some moments without being in contact. Again I stress, do as I and other twinsouls have done heal within first and then if you feel to still walk away then you can be so doing so from the soul knowing that when the moment is right and your twinsoul steps into soul then can you reconnect. You can never fully sever the tie with your twinsoul no but you can be free from contact physically doing so in love yes. ~Princess

    • My twin walked away after watching me repeatedly hurt myself and others. Yet she kept coming back and it was when she did so in a friend capacity that I healed myself. She watched all of it, for without witnessing this she would have never done the things herself for herself. I went through the greatest birth of my deepest pain.. Remember this is about the mirror effect. The strength you have within you is much stronger because of your connection you don’t face these pains alone, you won’t realize it till you go through it. The illusion is you go through it alone.. In physical you do, but the reward in spiritual gives you much healing without anything less than catching you before you fall so you take flight…

      • I agree with you in everything you said because I have lived it, so I agree with you with one exception, the whole coming back as a friend capacity. Perhaps that works for you, but coming back in a friend capacity does not work for everyone nor is it something that every twinsoul can do. For while twinsouls are friends indeed, but to “pretend” to be just friends is not something I can do, as that is a lie, and it was through healing myself I came to know that I cannot ever live a lie as that is what I did for many years in my marriage when I was married to my former husband. And I love myself enough and my twinsoul enough to not ever be asked to be anything less than who I Am to him which is his twinsoul, not “just friends”. So you healed from such in her coming to you as just friends and I Am happy for you, but it is not for everyone. Each twinsoul has their own path. My twinsoul is to come to learn on his own that of not living a lie just as I did, for yes we do mirror one another 🙂

        • I get that.. But I didn’t have anyone to stand and see me in my truth, I was doing my work my friend.. I had to dig and dig up all the reasons for all my lies and be in that truth, and that truth she deserved and it gave her every reason to trust me or not see any of my pain and run… which is why anyone runs that Fear of abandonment that is the illusion in the first place….as I birthed the trust in myself.

          I took my own existence. Some reach that despair and see no out.. I didn’t feel worthy of the connection and didn’t see that something real was before me. Had she not stood there in that rebirth this experience although painful for both would have cost us the truth we can always share with each other no boundaries and no limits…..

          No more secrets, no more lies.. That freedom is priceless. So I get what you are saying.. But it is merely a truth that has a circumstance of how you stand naked with nothing to hide behind.. Every part of this is why twins don’t make it.. It isn’t to be gone through without it being messy, for the messiness is the beautiful depth that twins are without the mind dominance that states you can’t live in pain without birthing a contrast to what the connection means..

          Total acceptance it seems crazy yet how many have survived or are together because of a mental concept of not hearing the others mind made me and revealing all of its illusions as to why you make this choice or that choice. Then seeing the choice to not see the mind as it is based on trials of your own life and having everyone pay got them.

          This powerful connection is the void to the energy you are without that mind dominance, it has its purpose.. Hard to see when you make it something you think it is based on rules the mind makes that neither of you can see clearly.. What exactly is the truth if you dont have the mind made me involved??? It’s not as though you can hear each others thoughts inside the pain.. To easy to run from it.. It is a brick wall for a man who has a heavy mind dominated and a woman who is heavy mind dominated in feeling..

          The only truth is the stripping away of all that is not you in this connection.. Anything else is the barriers of what you can’t see beyond the pain you have within yourself.

          Again though imagine the birth of a child.. The pain.. A man can experience this as much as a woman by revealing this hidden pain inside himself.. It is this path that will unlock what is this connected flame..

          A twin soul is different… Their vibrational energy is not of the opposites it is of the sides of yin or yang identical to it.. Yet no opposite.. Twin flame is the combination of both.. Mixed in a way that goes beyond what we know in polarity until you see it to mix it for yourself..

          So I am glad your disagree.. Yet I also know that without this.. You’ll never connect completely not fully or fanatically as it was supposed to. It just not enough to show you the truth of your connection.

          Respectfully, Clark

          • I do indeed hear what you are saying. And I do stand for him in such truth. Just not in the capacity of a lie. I stand in the truth as his Princess, his twinsoul, his lover, his best friend, and as our mission together and individually as it is to be. I just cannot pretend to be something I Am not nor will I. Did that for many years and it is through both self love and love of my twinsoul that has me stand in this resonance. As to seeing the truth through the pain, hmmmmm………you say one cannot, actually I find that this is one of my spiritual gifts is to see through the pain to who he really is and he has both thanked me for it and also marveled at it because he wonders how it is that I can do such. I see him for who he really is not the pain or the facade or the lies he tells himself, me and others. Your experience sounds very similar to what he has been and is going through. Your words written here about the pain and the digging and the coming to the truth that I desreve and so does he and such feels like all the words I know he wishes in his heart he could say to me but feels he cannot right now. I agree with you that without this of him coming through the pain and the lies that we can never fully completely connect. I Am very very well aware of it. I also know that I cannot live a lie and be “just friends”. with my twinsoul. As I wrote above I love myself and him too much to do such a disservice to him and me and to Source.

          • Then send him to me so I can help unlock him.. I have been to the depths.. Pain used to be my enemy but now is my love I found what was inside it.. The mind makes a lot of noise my friend.. And that noise is only a dark shadow of a true soul filled with love inside of it. As a union it is our mission to awaken others.. I will leave this up to you.. We are here my friend.. So many would with the hole in the shapes of non acceptance of parents, friends, loves, it makes it difficult to see through the fog of human existence or the purpose of why your here.

  14. I would love to send him to you. I know you know this already that you are going into the lions den as the saying goes for he will throw at you many things, many lies. And the truth is if you can help unblock him I would be eternally grateful to you. I have been asking both Source for help with this as well as others and this is the response I receive from you of such an offer and I Am eternally appreciative. I will say that many have tried to help before but to no avail. However, not one who is a man who has been through it and come to the otherside of the truth, so now is the moment for such indeed. For yes I do know how the mind can make alot of noise, for I have been through such myself and healed it. Yes our mission is to awaken others indeed. If you require to know of our journey of the truth you can visit my youtube page here and his email address is to connect with him. Thank you. You do not know what this means to me. It is an answer to my prayers. Thank you.

    • Will he be open to hear from me my friend? Lies don’t do anything but create a cage you never get out of.. The more lies, the smaller the cage.. You just can’t see it because the truth is to painful… Maybe you should share this dialogue with him and allow him to reach out to me..

      • I have sent him part of our dialogue here already just a bit ago. He will never reach out to you, he is too proud and too mired in the lies to do so. it would be you who is to reach out to him if anything. He will be open to hear from you yes, just remember when you hear back the lies he will share with you of the cage he is in. See through that as I know you will and maybe coming from a man who has been through it as you have, he will hear you.

  15. OH WOW. You really get it – Thank you for this. I have been needing to hear something like sharing cycles to help me really solidify that my bad choices could affect the other. I struggle with chronic closet addictions despite my outward appearances and career (alcohol, stimulants, benzodiazepines, over-the counter drug abuse, moderate intermittent smoking) and believe me, have been working at this. Any advice any of you have… It is all right there, if it weren’t for me killing us off. I hide it, plus stay way healthier than I should because she takes exceptional care of herself, to the degree that I damage myself.

    Thank you – You are all amazing

    • You are welcome dearest friend. I second Clark’s message, I too Am here for you if you need assistance. Much love ~Princess

    • You asked for any advice……….having been on the other side of the equation (being as your beloved is with you) those bad choices you are choosing hurts her more than you can ever imagine. I spent day after day and even now in such pain and still rising above that pain to know that all the bad choices my twinsoul is making is not who he really is, that I know who he really is and the amasing man and soul he is and how amasing we are together. And I keep calling him back home when he strays by me being in my soul, our soul. Most importantly do it for yourself first and foremost and then also because of your love for her, I kindly lovingly ask you to please get off the drugs and the bad choices and heal within you what it is that has you choose such. Allow her love to heal you into the amasingness you truly are by seeing yourself as she sees you which is God as she is Goddess. And as I wrote earlier, I Am here for you as Clark said he and his twinsoul is as well. May you be guided in love.

  16. Well Clark, I Am doing what you suggested and what he wants and I Am just being lightworkers with my twinsoul. You said that it was when your twinsoul came to you as friends that it helped you to heal and brought you two together in love again. I feel like I Am living a lie and pretending to be someone I Am not with him and I told him that it is counter intuitive to my soul and being my soul and my soul purpose (and frankly our soul purpose together of who we are as twinsouls) but I Am willing to put my soul’s purpose aside and simply just be what he wants to be just lightworkers. I hope it works is all I can say. I do not know how long I can pretend and hide my feelings but I will do what I can. How long did it take you to heal and come to your twinsoul in love when she started just being friends? And didn’t you know that she wasn’t being true to herself or you by just being “just friends” when you both knew you were more than this? To me, it seems so fake to have to do this. ~Princess

    • The lie is not that you are giving in to him you are allowing him space to be himself and will not place a limit on who h is and you are… What hasn’t occurred is the places inside of you both that are kept from each other are not observed in a freeing environment for you to both clearly experience the truth in freedom.. If this friendship causes you uneasiness imagine what the relationship was placed in without the connection to be yourself.. No role is to be played in this.. What needs to be seen is the truth.. This truth is a layered effect of how you accepted him and yourself? Which has more weight in you? How does this connection of your twin not allow the truth to be accepting? Who listens to you in silence and loves you unconditionally without stating a word or a judgement or ridicule or other things that have been placed inside you by thoughts that are not who you are in the formless in connection!

      • I have always allowed him the space and freedom to be himself. Unfortuately it is he who does not allow me to be who I Am. Friendship with him never causes me uneasiness at all. It is just being only friends or lightworkers with him when I know we are more than this is what causes the uneasiness because it does not give me the freedom to be who I Am which is romantic love with him as we have been before. He wants me to not be with him like that and that does not allow me to be me. What has more weight in me is that I accept him fully for who he is unconditionally but he places conditions on me that I Am to act and be a certain way or he blocks me which is not allowing the truth to be accepting. He has never listened to me in silence and loving me unconditionally without stating a word or a judgment. He judges me all the time calling me delusion and crasy and things of that nature when I be who I Am and state the truth of us and of the love letters he has written me and of our intimacy romantically which he denies which is a classic behaviour of someone who has had issues with addictions as he has had. I have given him so much freedom to be who he is that he ran off with a married woman and she posted pictures of the two of them on fb together!

        • What is the acceptance that you have that he will not about you? What is it that he says this is what this is to you? What way did you have to be with him that wasn’t truly you? How did you embrace this role? What did it give you that was keeping you doing so?

          • The acceptance that I have that he will not about me is that I Am his Princess and that we are lovers. He wrote this to me in love letters and yet he denies that he did and says I Am delusional that is what acceptance that I have that he will not accept and what he says this is what this is to me. The way I have to be with him that isn’t truly me is to not be his Princess and to not be romantic with him in any way and he wants me to be that and that is not truly me. Who I Am is his Princess, his lover and I cannot pretend to be just friends when who I Am is his Princess. How did I embrace this role? With love, honour, and reverence in being such to him and with him fully when he allows me to be. But he doesn’t allow me to be fully this all the time. What it gave me that was keeping me doing so is I felt like I Am being in my soul and my soul purpose and I felt alive and happy and bliss in being such from the love and happiness within me outward. Right now I feel like I Am half a soul, half a person just being only part of who I Am.

          • Something inside you felt whole with this connection and then didn’t when the connection was taken away? What sparked in you that pointed you to the truth that you are whole and this connection gave you yourself? What part is the responsibility to take if you didn’t experience growth and even more the mirror effect that allowed you to see yourself and your love outside of conditions to yourself that you can now share with your twin? What forgiveness did he light in you to make inside yourself? What light was ignited within the twin flame connection that is still burning inside you? What healing did he awaken within you that has given you the most powerful part itself within twins.. The deep seated connection inside yourself is this present now inside you? What is broken is beautiful my friend? Where does the beauty come from within this connection that has blossomed you that he ignited within you? What does he see in you that you have not shown him?

          • I received your message here just moments before going on aire on the radio show I Am on twice a month for two hours and so was unable to respond until now. And I Am glad I was able to wait to respond to you because through being on aire and also sitting with what you wrote here while I was on aire gave me moments to BE with what you wrote before I responded. Yes, something within me did feel whole within our twinsoul connection (my twinsoul and I) and then didn’t when it was taken away and I know when that moment was too. I also know what it was that sparked within me that pointed me to the truth of wholeness which gave me to me. It was the moment we first connected and he told me who I Am as his Princess, he awoke me from what felt like an eternity of slumber to that which resided dormant within me. And we have talked about it before he and I. When it was taken away was the nigh that we first spent together. Because he was still drinking back then and conflicted in his heart he both embraced me that nigh and also then turned me away that nigh and from that moment forward yet at the same moment when he was being in his soul would tell me he loves me and that I Am his Princess and such things. And it has been a back and forth of running and tornness within him ever since. And in that broken beauty we both have experienced much growth and no I would not take back any of it at all for it did, has, and does ignite within me, within him, within us both forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love that neither of us have ever known before. All of which I know would never have occurred without the broken beauty. I see the beauty and love within all of it and feel it very deeply within me. In all honesty, I have never loved someone as much unconditionally as I have and do him and that includes me three boys if that is even possible and yet I know it is. He has ignited within me and I in him something that is indescribable in words to be totally honest and all the same I know you understand and know what I mean when I write this. There has been much healing that has come from all of this, I know this deeply in my heart. When I read your last question moments before going on aire I was fighting back the tears because I knew I had to be on aire in but mere moments and I could not break down like that on aire. So, you ask of me What does he see in me that I have not shown him? And the reason I was on the verge of tears when I read it and even a bit now is because I honestly don’t know Clark. I have shown him all of me, given him all of me, body, mind, heart, soul, spirit. I feel the most naked, the most vulnerable I have been with anyone ever and that is why I was on the verge of tears because I really do not know…………..

          • Do you see where this points my friend.. Doing your work requires you to embrace the love in energy that you give yourself..if you can’t see what you are giving him, this is a twin flame union.., the fire that this ignites burns your house down inside of you, the only way to bring that fire under control is to see where the flame stems from… The blue flame of connection is inside of you for you to see where it stems from.. That is where the connection comes from, that is what this connection is wanting to birth from within you… Making your twin responsible for seeing this when you can’t see it for yourself is that what you can’t face? Are you not willing to go into yourself for him to see the love you give out and what it feels like?

            Is his love not worthy of igniting this place of truth within you?

            Why will you not do the work? What story do you keep about yourself that is for him to solve or give you that you won’t see within yourself? Do you not see the base deepens of Unconditional love within yourself? You say your giving this to him … what he wants and needs pr what you want and need or is it lost in translation? explain what this is your giving to him? How is this abandonment something you are not doing to yourself that you have not observed? Which says to him abandon me as I do to myself! This is where the anger, betrayal, resentment comes from..

            How do you see the conditioned love you give to yourself or what you are sending out by not giving it to yourself? In the mirror my friend is this truth… This is where you accept yourself to give him what you are without being what you think he wants and giving him actually what you are! Is this what you want to do? How much unconditional love has opened you up to give it to yourself to give it to him? It’s never to late, this is what the mirror shows you not being time based.. Time is not your enemy, choices are not your enemy, not giving yourself the love you are unconditionally is.. How can you give him something you don’t give to yourself?

          • I see what I Am giving him and that is unconditional love, freedom, friendship, being his Princess, being his lover, his best friend, being that flame, that safe haven to come to, nurturing, support, upliftment, help with his music and projects he does, being the tributary that brings his music and message to the world for the benefit of all, unconditional acceptance, laughter, giving himself to him, bringing him to his Soul, to God/Source in each moment this and more I give him as I also give myself. I know what I Am giving him as I give such to myself as I Am this. I do do such work, in each moment. You asked me what is it that he sees in me that I have not shown him and there is nothing I have not shown him nor given him as I give myself and that is why I said I do not know. And I have done so without conditions, expectations, agendas nor asking anything in return. I do not ask him to give anything or solve anything. I would love to give to him what I Am, but when I do he shuns me because he won’t accept it because it is not in the way he wants. You say in accepting myself this is where I give to him what I Am without being what I think he wants and giving him what I actually Am, I do accept myself and I do give what I Am and he shuns it because it doesn’t meet his conditions, he blocks anything that doesn’t meet his conditions rather than receiving. The abandonment is something he chose not I. I gave up long ago abandoning myself and came to him as he asked me to and he because he was abandoning himself (and still does which is why he blocks anything that doesn’t meet his conditions) he then chose to abandon me. And still when he did and does such I do not see that I see him for who he really is and know what he did or does is not who he really is. I see him for the amasing man who loves me

  17. I feel it is what you said that what I give to him gets lost in the translation. Because he is like a little child in that I have to give it to him the way he wants and if I don’t or if he sees it as not what he wants he blocks it and refuses it. What is so excuse my french here fucked up about it all is that to give you an example, I years ago put pictures of us on facebook under the umbrella of us being a couple and he blocked me for it and yet this woman who he is whatever with who is married to another man goes and puts pictures of my twinsoul and her just a couple of weeks ago on facebook saying “with my sweetie at the restaurant they were at” and her own daughter saying what a nice good looking couple and he is ok with that but blocked me when I did the same thing. It makes NO sense to me whatsoever

    • You have said something each message you have sent… when you say the way he wants or if it is not his way… What does that feel like to you? Is this rejection something you accept as a standard within the relationship? When do you take permission of this behavior away? It isn’t you taking away the love it is you taking away the behavior that is giving you pain.. Enduring this pain and knowing this pain is coming, do you always know what his response will be? So him hiding the relationship was this always the case within the relationship? Why would he do such a thing? Better still what story do you tell yourself about his actions in doing such a thing when he cuts you off? What would he do if you mirrored all of his actions back to him? Has this been something you have shown him as his twin?

      • What does that feel like to me when he says or acts that it has to be his way or what he wants you ask? It feels like control, domination, caging me, not allowing me to be who I Am, hurtful and not soulful it is him being in body. What does that feel like to me you ask? It hurts me, makes me feel like he doesn’t love me nor honour me nor honour our love. Is this rejections something I accept and have I given the mirror back to him? Oh no I do not accept it and I have many times given the mirror back to him and he doesn’t like it and he actually blocks me further because of it. I take permisson of this behaviour away all the time and tell him it is unacceptable and is not how I Am to be treated and I show him how I Am to be treated. And yes I do always know what his response will be and him hiding the relationship has always been the case yes. Why would he do such a thing? There are many reasons. Because he was abandoned by his parents and the woman who he loved at 17 who killed their baby and the abandonment of his parents around the same time caused him to have to live on the streets and beg for food and almost die, all things he turned around and projected onto me and did with me. There are many wounds within him that caused him to do such. Supposedly he says he has healed it but yet I tell him that if he has and he truly loved himself then he would not treat me as he does.

        • Take away permission and let him know the love is not permission to cross that line anymore… Don’t enable it from that moment… Tell him the direct consequence is this and make sure it is enforced.. Idle threats mean nothing in an abandonment issue.. This is when you claim your unconditional love for yourself and make him witness it! You will take away something that you have given him his confidence and his ability to trust… The truth is he takes your power for the both of you and uses it to continue this behavior… Claim your power back.. It will awaken no matter how much pain has to be birthed through it!

          • I have indeed done this of taking permission away and let him know that the love is not permission to cross that line anymore. I have told him how I Am to be treated and do not enable it. And yes I know the idle threats mean nothing because I did do that and he did not take me seriously until I enforced it. And yes he has taken my power for the both of us and used it to continue the behaviour. And is why he lost his confidence and ability to trust when I claimed my unconditional love for myself and he witnessed it. And yes it has and will awaken no matter how much pain of this I do know

          • The forces of yin and yang always seek alignment not in the circle they are within but the messy circle of the truth to bring the line of the circle inside of the truth…

  18. So now I gotta just pretend all this doesn’t matter and not give him the real me and pretend to be lightworkers and just be in the moment and give him what he wants because honestly Clark the only thing I can think of to answer your question of what does he see in me that I have not shown him is really to give him what he wants me to be which is to “obey him” and give him what he wants and do what he says like I Am some puppet. So as I told him the other day he wins because that is all that seems to matter to him is that I do this. Do you know he even wrote this to me 2 years ago ‘Often in my life the entire illusion looks like something that I have to create as a smokescreen for what is going down.You buy into the smokescreen and destroy. The few in my life know and so give their entirety to me ,they know I am the leader and what i do is to be 100% honoured and obeyed without question, period. You have not succeeded in this by a long shot.’ Which basically says that unless I honour and obey him 100% I will be blocked. So that means I gotta give him what he wants and just be lightworkers with him which is against who I really Am. Which is why I wrote you what I did initially that I hope it works and that just like when your twinsoul came to you as friends it made it so you could be with her in love romantically that maybe this will do the same with my twinsoul because I do not know anymore. I really don’t.

    • Nope that is nothing like what Lois did to me my friend… She was in my existence on her terms in her own way… What made the difference is not being a puppet or someone who would obey me.. She rather pointed out what was I without telling someone to be as I wanted and wished for.. How empty do you have to be in order for someone to tell them to do what you say and be who you want them to be? These actions are not what I was stating by being in his life as his friend.., you are not saying to him these people are hurting and you are as well and inflicting these beliefs on them that they will never measure up to…. This is the illusion that he has that you don’t have to participate in with him and don’t judge that he does… This isn’t waking him up or allowing him to be free..

      Nor is it giving you freedom you can’t say what you feel nor be who you are… No one is saying you can’t change the permissions given only you can.. He can accept this as you will accept these are his choices you want better for him then act like it by making it better for yourself within the friendship… Honestly who can he or you talk to in the truth that won’t need hiding or lies that won’t set you free? Being what he wants doesn’t set him or you free… You get nothing out of being what he wants you to be.. He has that already right? Why not break this cycle with the friendship you offer him is his freedom if he wants to lie to everyone else that is fine his secret is safe with you… Never betray his trust unless he ask you to…. He has no reason to hide from you.. Unless he is lying to you about other things he doesn’t want you to find out.. Control is the illusion that you need to have to continue to cover up the lies you made… That is an illusion.. Offer freedom of that and the rest does itself….

      • I know. I totally know and now you understand what I have been saying to you. Lois came to you in her own way on her own terms totally and that is why I Am saying I Am to be the same. And yes I agree with you of how empty he is to demand that I be a certain way and place conditions on me. And your right be what he wants me to be does not give him nor me freedom, it is as I once wrote to you before it is doing a disservice to him, me, and our love to be anything less than who I Am. And your right I get nothing out of me being what he wants me to be and he has that already indeed. No he has no reason to hide from me, you are right. And control is the illusion oh I Am very well aware of it and now you know why I have not allowed such ever in the whole 5 1/2 years we have been together. Which is why I feel like I Am betraying me to be anything less than his Princess as well as friendship. And yes offering friendship as his freedom I agree and yes if he wants to lie to everyone else that is fine but his secret is safe with me I do understand. I will be this. I pray it works. And I will also be his Princess and if he cannot accept it then too bad, I cannot not be who I Am.

        • Being his princess is not standing within your power he can have the friendship… The princess is getting ready to be crowned the queen.. In this moment you graduate to a new place of this truth by standing in this truth about the love you have for yourself… If he wants something more it will be earned… Not by his say so but yours…

          Funny thing about control as a lie…

          When you don’t have control you will suffer.. It may be in a multitude of ways.. But when you make a conscious choice not to suffer you can only gravitate to the truth… That is how twin flames connect.. Deep suffering… Then your soul will open up.. What choice does it have?

    • My twin was like that too- his way or the high way x extreme. I did my best. Maybe we both did. It’s ended, though the longing is still very much there. On the one hand I dearly wish (I cannot tell you how much) that we could have found a way….but this was not possible, so in the meantime I have no choice but to get on with my life.

      But my point here is not to talk about the relationship, but what I am doing in my life these days. I have left the tf relationship behind now. I last had contact about three months ago. I just want to be happy again and get on with my life, so that’s all I am doing now. That’s all there is to do. Just keep things simple and peaceful.

      Hold onto the things you have, such as if you have some confidence in who you are, your health, your job, any skills etc. Give yourself a good life as much as you can and find happiness every day. Try to smile and laugh every day. Even if you are alone, smile to a shopkeeper. For me, I walk near a pond every day because it is beautiful and gives me a huge amount of love. It is a major gift for me. The rest of the day is not so easy, but I hope this will change and I can build myself a good life. I keep it simple. I work with that which is in my life. In the morning I see what jobs need to be done and I do it. I want to build good things into my life.

  19. I met Ben a week ago and since then have felt nothing but inner turmoil and excitement at the same time. I have this deep connection with him that’s more than physical. We’ve both experienced déjà vu around eachother as well as other coincidences. Trouble is that it’s complicated, his moods are unpredictable and I am very sensitive to them. I have been taken on a bit of a mental / spiritual journey this past week just looking for answers to solve my puzzle. It has lead me to this. I feel like he is my twin flame but maybe not allowing us to just be together? I feel like maybe my ego is getting in the way of that happening. I also feel like I could be going crazy. I was drawn to writing this so maybe that means there will be an answer for me? Should I go with the flow?

    • The flow my friend…. The flow can be seen as a journey of the soul you have within.. How do you do at doing so with no mind? In awakening you will always have something speaking to you inside whether it is past mind forming habits that are not truly something you may catch in your awareness… What does your heart tell you my friend?

  20. I want to thank you Clark. Thank you.

    Things are MUCH better. Qualitative difference, I think you understand what I mean. Amazing. I am forever grateful.

  21. I have questions. If I’m not a bother I’d be pleased to hear from you, Clark.

  22. Excellent advice and information here. Thank you so much for your service to all Twins and thus to your service to humanity. I am now reading everything that you have documented. I too am a Twin, spent an amazing 2012 together and have been apart for most of 2013. She ran in April. The pain this year has been beyond description and the chaos and stripping away of my life, all that I am, is still continuing. Yet in this last week, I have finally witnessed the Grace that has been within the pain all along. I have beed driven so far inside myself as to experience that which perceives the perceivers and in this moment, I experienced the same joy (though not as intense) as I experienced when in the presence of my Twin. Her perfect mirror had revealed the majesty within me, but it took being away from her to finally see this. And in that same moment, I no longer needed her.. I felt complete and whole. It is this state that I am now attempting to claim as my primary state and then allow the universe to respond accordingly.


    • That is beautiful and wonderful… The connection is forever embedded inside yourself. It truly is the awakening a twin gives to you.. It goes beyond the human relationship we make it or so it is.. Do you write your awakenings?


  23. Dear Clark,
    Yes, I do. I actually I wrote and published a book this year….

    In early March, my twin and I were travelling in a taxi to the airport and I started to write down the chapter headings during the 30 minute journey. We were going to write it together and we even picked out the movie stars that we wanted to play each other in a future movie 🙂

    In April, the space had begun to form between us with my twin, increasingly distressed that she didn’t know who she was anymore, deciding to run. I took 5 weeks out to write 135000 words detailing my memories before I came to Earth, our time on another planet and our agreement to answer the call and come the Earth to help humanity with its ascension. Initially, she was keen to proof read it and then, she was no longer in a space to read it. When I asked her to at least read the sections that pertained to the time 2008 to the present in which our story unfolded, she declined and giving me permission to do what I felt best. So I broke the book up into two parts, part one which deals with the time before Earth up until our first incarnation in Egypt in 2570 BC. Part two details my life and awakening and my transformation upon us recognising each other. I also included in this section prophetic visions that I see for Earth and humanity starting very soon actually (though in reality, this is just a ramping up of what has been occurring since the boxing day Tsunami). Alas, I have not released the 2nd part and this is probably because I needed to be able to document in greater detail the journey through this pain that has occurred this last 6 months. Indeed, during the second part of this year I have been, at times, a broken man and a spent force, with the creation energy we once held, a distant memory and only an infrequent, brief, visitor.

    During some of our epiphanies together, I saw many twin flame couples merging together in what looked energetically like rings of fire, opening and then holding open portals for others to move through to a higher dimension. This was possible only because of the immense power that surrendered twins can carry when united. We saw glimpses of this Christ energy when together, but, understandably, as our ego pain rose to the surface, we could not be permitted to access such a spiritual force and so a parting was required.

    Thus I understand the importance of supporting all twins to find their path to healing and to take their place as an important and potent aspect of the transformative force that is presently unfolding across this planet. Thus, I am so very grateful that you and Lois have found your path Home and are helping in the process that we were all called to be part of so very long ago.



  24. I have began to feel whole over the past few months, but for short bursts at a time.. For me it is like being filled up with love and then being filled up again…brimming. This is new to me and I have never felt the feeling of being loved until I got this. My body did not know what it was like to actually feel the force of love until then. It is a wonderful feeling to have- to be loved. Even if one small part of life gives us a good feeling this is a major major blessing. For example having a companion to have a cup of tea with. This is a branch of love coming towards you….and holding you.

    It is an antedote to lots of pain. More like an alternative way of being. I’ve had a traumatic year and I am still very very shaken up. The hardest is having to deal with things alone.

    And I don’t know if the universe responds to the inner state, I really don’t know. In my experience there are many people who can just hurt you and not care.

    • This caring that the world shows you is very powerful my friend and is also a message.. that message is deep within you! It will also awaken you to a deeper truth! That truth is there for you to see this deeply inside yourself. There is a voice… you are not alone…. never alone!

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