Vulnerability and Twin Flames: Expressing Your Truth


Being strong or being guarded? This is not vulnerability, yet it is pointing to how you should show up when you choose not to state the truth about what the truth actually is. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means: do you say what you mean or do you mean what you say? If I have to show “I don’t care, this is being strong”, is that what you mean to expose to the other who you care about? What is it that says they will not accept me fully if they truly know how I feel?


Your twin knows when you’re lying. Deep inside, so do you.

Vulnerability is the absence of judgment. It’s very much like love, when it is really love. You won’t tell yourself: “They won’t accept me for what I think or feel.” When you’re truly being vulnerable, you’re not pointing outward and stating that someone will do something to you and make you feel rejected or abandoned. Your twin—and you—can always see the lie when you’re not being vulnerable. “I think that you feel… I think that you think… I think you will or won’t…” These are all lies. None of these statements are speaking from within yourself.


How should I express myself?

If you change the way the words come out of your mouth when these thoughts show up, you can always find a way to be vulnerable to them. For example, “I interpret when I feel in thought that says I am not worthy enough.” This points to you inside yourself instead of making the other responsible for what you experience, whether it be rejection, abandonment or anything else. If I can interpret your actions into thought, I will be the mind reader I knew I always could be.

Vulnerability has the permission to expose the thought process that interprets everything inside you. It is the love that can be placed inside of ego!


The storyteller is more powerful than you think

“My twin flame doesn’t want to be with me because…” or “my twin has chosen someone else because…”. What doesn’t matter after this statement is the emotions or thoughts the storyteller has in place due to interpretation of another’s actions based on what the mind wants to say is why this happens. When we get caught up in our thoughts, sometimes we create story statements that make us the victim of what someone does to us not seeing we do it to ourselves. Exposing these thoughts is what can change who you are and why you are.


You can create truths which are actually lies.

“I think that you feel I am…” See how this statement makes no sense in truth? How about “I feel that you think…” These are not vulnerable statements but rather ego-driven thought processes that are speculation, which you turn into a truth, and which is always going to be a lie. When you experience rejection, remember that you learned rejection when you entered this planet whether it happened within the first few years of existence here or watching something happen to you and now had to interpret it. This is what points to the creation of why we can’t be vulnerable. This is never going to be true with the exception that we are stuck in time where time no longer exists.

We never repeat time, only our thoughts repeat themselves. Exposing this thinking is being vulnerable.


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  1. I have listened your story. Thanks so much sharing your life! It really was exciting and giving, and teaching, and everything!!! <3 You have helped me so much with my own life. You have So much love, you are so grate! And you always give me a smile, because your humor is so wonderful! And your dogs too.
    I have one question: It is hard to me to understand how can I forget my twin flame, and same time keep him near me… And yes, it is fear to loosing him forever! But I have understand, that I should let him go, but still think him with love every day? But now I just want to forget him…. anyway…. this is so painful and hopeless…but I need to live my own life, and forget him, because he is not open to me, but it is so hard to forget him. And I am very angry to him, even I don´t want to, it´s not so easy to just love him…. and his woman. Maybe he is a false twin flame, and maybe he is just an obsession to me. Anyway it is only six months when I spoke last time to him. I need more time to forget him. I´m working with me every day(meditate and everything), and try not to think him. I even tried to be with one man, but it was too hard. And always when I have little forget him, I meet him somewhere in a street, we live in same city, and I´m in trouble again. And one thing is quite odd, when I met him 2 years ago first time, I was so full energy about 1,5 year, that it was scaring, and now I´m so tired and without power. Excuse my not so good english. Best Wishes <3 : Helena , from Finland. if you have time to read this, and if you are doing A&Q more…. 😉

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