We created Relationship Reinvented with the whole mission being about how do we create a relationship with ourselves to change the relationship we have with the world.  

If you are on this page you are looking to show yourself something deep into the relationship and connection you have inside yourself.  

You can start this in many of ways with us here at Relationship Reinvented!

If you are looking to work directly with Lee and Sherry Patterson here is what they offer, payment plans available just email for details.

Welcome to Patreon 

You can join them on Here which you work with them through out the month in a very open but confidential way.

Empath Learning become a healer now!

Root Camp

You can also do a Root Camp! (Other versions available specific for spiritual journey) inquire by email to set up a free 30 minute consultation to get a more detailed information.   

Root Camp is questions that goes within you to find the answers that are you in your deepest truth. When you see inside yourself you see that those answers are the love you have desired and have been looking for outside you.

Root Camp 8 session

Continued coaching after root camp is available for our most popular package of 24 sessions is still available and is discounted if you have gone through Root Camp already!  If not and you are seeking coaching that will change your life whether for spiritual growth, a special connection you wish to change or become deeper in love with.  If you are seeking to just grow in your experience in just all things life this would be for you!

Spiritual Coaching 

Connection Coaching

These session are with Lee and Sherry

Sessions are an hour in packages See Below for amount and how many

Please note the following:

All information exchanged between any client and coach at Relationship Reinvented is held in the strictest of confidentiality. Confidentiality is high “A” priority for us! The terms of this agreement are applicable towards the duration of any and all paid sessions, and services may be terminated by either the client or Relationship Reinvented at any time. Services paid for but not rendered are refundable excluding “Root Camp”, Coach Training, Coach Certification, 6-month Healing program, 12-month Healing Program. Deep Healing Series, Twin Flame Coaching and seminars, workshops or Retreats. Seminars, workshops, or retreats canceled by us or postponed will be refunded or tickets transferred.All materials used by Relationship Reinvented LLC in “Root Camp”, Healing Series, coaching sessions, and Coach Certification are copyright protected and are not to be used without written permission.Regular sessions and “Root Camp” sessions are 45 minutes.By making a payment, you agree to the terms and conditions above.