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At Relationship Reinvented™ we are continually giving back to the community we live in as well as the online community we interact with.  There’s much we do that the general public is unaware of, such as our “Parentless Prevention” or “Meet Up singles group for healing” “Sexual and physical abuse programs for adults and teens. We tend to support individuals on their path to have a life that offers them so much more than perhaps they might have expected due to the challenging backgrounds experienced to-date.  

What we earn doing what we are passionate about and love goes to support our own lives and family as well as supports our outreach.  Thank you for your contribution in this.

There are a number of ways to work with us:

Details on working with us:

  • Educational and information: No charge
    • Find this information on our website as we continue to expand the research section as well as on our various social media platforms
    • On Facebook, not only do we have our Relationship Reinvented page, we also offer a couple of discussion groups you are welcome to join.  We do suggest that you read back through the archives as they are rich with information.  You’ll also find this true for the comments on posts over the years
    • If you’d like to know when our next Webinar is, please sign up for our blog list on the right and we’ll be sure to send out a notice well in advance
    • You can also find Lee and Sherry’s Podcast and interactive page here
    • Sessions and packages with Lee and Sherry  ~ All available via phone, in-person, or these options with video record option (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom)
      • 45-minutes session with Lee and Sherry:  $250.00 
      • Monthly Coaching Package with 4 45-minute sessions:  $1000.00
      • 2 Months of Coaching with 8 45-minute sessions:  $2000.00
      • 6 Months of Coaching with 24 sessions which can be used anytime throughout the six months (our most popular package): $6000.00
      • Payment Plans available for all packages
    • Root Camp Information
    • When was the last time you did a connection check on yourself to see your relationship to yourself to see how it shows up in every choice you make?  Are you ready to change your existence?  If so, then these packages may appeal to you as it gives us all an opportunity to go deep to affect a consciousness transformation:
    • Mini Root Camp fast and to the connection to yourself 3 sessions for $500.00
      • Root Camp Self-Reflection: 8 online video or in-person sessions, in the time period which works best for you: $1600.00
  • Root Camp Plus – Deeper Self Reflection: 16 online video or in-person sessions, in the time period which works best for you: $3200.00
    •        Deeper Root Camps available for spiritual connections and Self Reflections to put into healing, abuse, addictions, emotional blocks.  Please email for what you are seeking we can come up with a plan to get you into healing.
  • Please note:
    • If you choose a payment plan with Root Camp, please contact us for a list of payment plan options. Pricing is different versus when paying in full!
    • All available via phone, in-person, or these options with video record option (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom)

Please note the following:

All information exchanged between any client and coach at Relationship Reinvented is held in the strictest of confidentiality. Confidentiality is high “A” priority for us! The terms of this agreement are applicable towards the duration of any and all paid sessions, and services may be terminated by either the client or Relationship Reinvented at any time.

Services paid for but not rendered are refundable excluding “Root Camp”, Coach Training, Coach Certification, 6-month Healing program, 12-month Healing Program. Deep Healing Series, Twin Flame Coaching and seminars, workshops or Retreats.

Seminars, workshops, or retreats canceled by us or postponed will be refunded or tickets transferred.

All materials used by Relationship Reinvented LLC in “Root Camp“, Healing Series, coaching sessions, and Coach Certification are copyright protected and are not to be used without written permission.

Regular sessions and “Root Camp” sessions are 45 minutes.

By making a payment, you agree to the terms and conditions above.