Root Camp

“Root Camp™” for individuals and/or couples is an intensive, confidential program that breaks the patterns of what you see as your own truth and what you say is the truth while teaching you how you are not communicating much truth at all with yourself, let alone with others.

The “Root Camp” program is designed to change the relationship with yourself first, looking at your relational patterns. It is about achieving “emotional healing”.  It provides important core work for any and all issues including sexual abuse, addiction recovery, career changing, personal and professional relationships, etc.  Please note that some issues are best addressed via a package with more sessions.

We offer a safe haven to be open and honest and heal from what blocks your happiness.

If you are at a crossroads in your own relationship regarding separation or divorce, this is the place to heal within yourself. Whether you want to save your marriage, have a healthy co-parenting relationship, or just have the best relationship you possibly can, this is the place to do it. You will walk away with the tools to love yourself and one another in ways that are going to deepen the love within, whether you stay together or choose to separate.

“Root Camp” will change the way you act, react, and function in confrontations in personal and professional interactions. When relationships and interactions with others don’t work and anger, resentment, control, or other toxic emotions have set in, there is a way to find freedom. It is up to you to make the decision for a positive change. Move on from the hurts and hang-ups of the past; heal from anger, bitterness, and blame.

We get right to the root of issues by teaching you how to identify your truth, stand in it, and share this truth with another, in a non-attacking, non-abusive, non-reactive, detached heart-centered manner. If you participate as part of a couple, you will see one another in a raw state, as a clean slate, diving deep inside and addressing past hurts, fears, infidelities, and lies.  We will help you identify both self and partner or other-focused destructive behavioral patterns. What can you do to make a difference in your relationship? 

With our certified coaches, we offer a no-nonsense approach on how to break the barriers of communication, starting with yourself. Relationship Reinvented™ gives you life-changing tools to change your relationship with yourself, help save your relationship even when it seems your partner is unwilling to cooperate; or bring that relationship to a peaceful conclusion if you choose to end it.

One small sample of how deep this will be…. here is the level of honesty required. You must be able to admit to the truth when it comes to yourself and your partner, as applicable! In the connection you share, are there moments of rejection when it pertains to communication, physical touch, emotional connection, sexual connection?

This online program is 8 sessions over whatever period of time you need and is tailored specifically to your issues. It includes private Skype/ Google/ FaceTime, or phone sessions. We now offer Zoom sessions so you can record your “Root Camp” sessions to review later. At the end of each session, you’ll receive an assignment tailored to your needs which will be discussed in the next call. If you live in the Cincinnati area, you are welcome to participate in person with Sherry or Lee. The first call will cover basics so that we can get to know you and become aware of your issues in order to develop a program for you.

This program will change your life and your relationships !!!!! It is time to be in a happy, healthy relationship with yourself and in your professional and personal relationships. Starting with you, you will learn to manage the arguments, stop hurting each other, and start loving deeper than ever imagined!

Whether participating as an individual or as a couple, on personal and/or professional issues, our pricing is found here. (We will work with you on a payment plan, if necessary.)

Our certified coaches also offer the Relationship Reinvented “Root Camp” Program; you can ask the coach of your choice for their pricing information.

Our Program is LIFE CHANGING!
We KNOW our Program works!