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Whisper of the thrill…….


moon star




Shooting star of you….


Every star has a light to it’s own.. each with specific shooting that happens when we learn who we are undefined.  We all have a path designed much like the stars that are in the sky.  You are this energy, you have a specific destiny to obtain and a destination that will light the sky.


Throughout your time shooting in the world, you will leave parts of you that touch many other stars, some will do this with their tears, some will do this with their smile.  You can only be who you are as this energy of the shooting star..  You will expand and go many directions and know that this is a destination that you will reach on your own.  You will even meet up with other stars that will have the same trajectory, yet it will be that you as the single star have a combined star to meet up with, that combination will set it’s course and light up other stars on your path.


You will have those moments where you will have the blind spot of disconnection, keeping you from seeing your destination, this is on purpose for what you light up in the darkness only becomes known when you decide that it is time to light up the sky.


This deep recesses of the space that seem dark, are nothing more than the whisper of the thrill.. you will be able to glow beyond anything known.


Each star emits that glow, just as you do within the energy that creates this human form that you get to move about within.  It is when you really know that this energy is in you that you can reach the other stars.  You do so when you are ready.. no one can teach you this.. no one can take this away, or even tell you where your journey will lead you to.  We each as energy have a purpose in balance and in love.  It may seem like energy is slow to move in some cases.  But not in the case of love.. not in the case of connection.  You create a stream of other energies, to find it is how we came here in the first place.  Not to repeat but the continued evolvement that is happening as we awake to the energy we truly are.  You have this in you, never to be gone from this place.  For all the energies that have left there form, are still very much present, that is why you can still feel them, or hear them at moments you allow them to be felt and heard.



You are that energy.. you are never not going to be that energy.  Acceptance of this is the way you will be when you no longer need or desire to ask the question, “why am I here?”  This is a simple answer, that within the silence of the big blue sky or dark light sky will be answered.  It is there, inside of the silence.




Light as a feather… as wonderful as a deep love.  We all continue to not realize the weight of the feather.. Some carry a feather longer than needed, that is why it continually gets heavier.. as you carry the feather in your hand, and hold it up for the world to see, you will notice it feels heavier with every passing moment.  There is your answer to why birds shed their feathers all the time.  They know if they carry something longer than it’s time, then the weight will bring you down.. This is the same variable that we need to grasp as energy.  You carry what you need, for as long as you need it, to keep carrying it after will only add weight, and keep us down.  As a star of energy this will keep your light from reaching new heights, and more broad places to light up to see the newness you have at all times.  Your energy is supposed to get brighter with every higher flight, you are supposed to achieve.  Decide when it is time to fly higher, to glow brighter.  This is not something someone can tell you to do, you decide it for yourself.


You can only be the brightest star you chose to be.  Anything else will keep you from yourself.  Realize this choice is yours.


I wish you energy a glow to surround yourself inside yourself, and love to surround you in flight.



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    • I can feel my heart beating like a drum my friend.. sometimes it is the only thing that tells me I am still shooting across the sky.. We all have that special connection it is easy to fall into the background. Thank you for the love.. sending it back to you ten fold. Clark

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