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You are not alone…

YOU-ARE-NOT-ALONE-450x180Hello in here? Is anyone in here?  Hello in here?  Oh hi! There you are, I was wondering if anyone was here. I see you are busy operating this thing.  How long you been here?  Wait, before you answer I was wondering how did you get in here?  Wait, wait, wait, I need to know, how did you get in here?  Are you going to answer me?  Oh you can’t speak?  Ok so will you speed up with what you are doing if the answer is “Yes” and slow down if the answer is ‘No.”


I felt you speed up, thank you for that, so I suppose this means “Yes!”  Ah felt it again.  Ok, So do you get many visitors?  Oh, I felt you slow down, so I suppose that means No.  Ok felt you speed up for “Yes.”  Have you invited anyone here?  Oh felt you speed up.. I suppose that is a “Yes!”  Did anyone come? Ok, it slowed down, so “No!”  Am I the first? I feel you speed up now, so that is a “Yes!”  Is it ok I am here?  Speeding up.  “Yes!”  Well I am glad to be here!


Well I know you are limited to the answers you can give so is it ok to tell you why I am here?  Speed up!  “Yes!” Ok well, the reason I am here is because of never venturing here before, yet knowing that you have been here, and I didn’t say a thank you! Or a sorry, or even a just come to sit with you to hear you out, and know that I am never without you!


Through out my chances to come here, I know that I allowed to much to disrupt what you have been doing, then there is this closed expectation that I can control anything that you are doing, and that you are going to always be here. I am not sure why you do what you do.  Yet, from the moment you started doing this, you have given nothing but the most wonderful gifts for me to experience… It is Christmas morning every time I open my eyes and am able to do anything because of you being here doing what you do.  I know I rarely venture here, and I want you to know I am not doing this abandonment on purpose. I didn’t know the door was always open.  Will you forgive me?  Speed up.  “Yes you do,” I am so relieved.  Is it ok to come here when I am feeling alone or loneliness ensues?  Speed up!  You don’t know what that means to me?  Speed up.  I am so glad your here!


I know I try to protect you and that I try and keep the door closed sometimes, does this keep you safe?  Slow down.  No! Are you saying I should let the door open to receive anything?  Speed up.. Yes? I get that but what happens if something gets caught in here, won’t it effect you.. Speed up..  Yes again?  Aren’t you afraid?  Slow down.. No.  I am not brave enough to let you experience what is out there.  Are you sure this is what you want?  Speed up!  Yes?  I may not be able to do that for you I am protective of you! I can’t understand why you want me to do such a thing.



Is it because of what we need or want?  Speed up!  “Yes!”


I knew when I needed to do this, I was there, and the door was there, and I felt you there, but didn’t pay attention! Not because I didn’t want to, but saw how outside no one else did so I thought that was normal.  I was in my place, where all of those things around me kept me from leaving the door open.. I heard you are not worthy, you are not smart enough, you are not anything, no one else knows that feeling only me. I could feel you speed up and slow down then. I didn’t know that was you saying come here.  That was you wasn’t it?  Speed up! “Yes!” I know now what that means, I promise to spend more time here with you, and allow you to continue to teach me. I know that inside of here is a great many things I could learn from you.  Is this ok?  Wow! That speed up was stronger!


I am falling in love in here.. Was this always possible?  Speed up!  “Yes!”  Will you forgive me for taking so long?  Speed up!  I will never doubt, cage, or leave you by yourself again.  I love you.. It was then the whisper came from the heart!  I love you more…


Love deeply, if you don’t know how to love you, no one else will know how to give you what you give yourself!


Your Soul  You_are_not_alone


10 Comments on “You are not alone…

  1. I gotta say though…..I know this post is about…you…finding your higher self…. or your opposite in the yin yang sense….but fact is……I feel…..some people are stealing others higher selves and keeping them prisoner. What do you think about this? Have you any sense or conscience of this? I wonder. Because there are others on the opposite spectrum who suffer from your great pleasure, perhaps.

    • My friend.. isn’t a higher self something that is always out of reach.. what about inside you to know the depth of who you really are without words.. Is this what you mean by higher? The image of something you are out of reach.. Maybe this is how you see this place as attainable rather than always evading and escaping you? You are more inside of you.. I can see it and feel it.. don’t you? Suffering is always there in place.. to suffer is the words that keep the suffering alive.. if you notice it won’t matter if you say the words out loud or inside you they will still keep the suffering alive until you find new words inside you! The great pleasure I experience was not in the suffering of the words that I heard outside me.. but the words I heard inside me.. Who gives these words great power? Isn’t that what is inside you asking the question? Go deeper into the suffering my friend! The pain is there with the truth inside of it!

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