YOU are the Creator of your Own Destiny Part 2

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YOU are the Creator of your own Destiny Part 2

By: Sherry Patterson of Relationship Reinvented

So What do you do when you have been so bad, and you have so much real genuine goodness in you? What do you do with shared dreams? What do you do with a desire to help people and you just recently in the past couple of years have learned how to get yourself into healing? What do you do with a desire so strong it stays with you, heavy in your chest. Well We Manifested it, How?? well believe me we were stuck in HUMAN thought processes and the UNIVERSE had its own plan, It seems as Human Beings we do not understand the Universe has plans for us, or God or Source or whatever your belief system is, for the sake of not getting into religion lets go with Universe! So at this point Lee was working retail, he was being used, walked on and he was giving his all as Lee does in anything he does, he was giving 120% and getting back nothing, no thank you , no respect, just BS. From what I know of retail, this is typical. Lee was buying really nice shoes and in just 30 days later with holes in the bottom from doing his job. Waking the building making sure he was coaching employees, building relationships with customers, all that!

But the dreams were strong, Lee began to blog as writing has been a passion of his always. Me? well I Job shopped, and if you watched our videos also know some shameless things I did that ended Lee and My Relationship finally lol
Now we have Union. Getting back on track here, I was floating out there still, my revenge on Men still rampant. I did find a little nitch in life actually doing some online screening for escorts, screening clients to make sure they were not cops, then I did land a small gig with a local furniture company doing “skip traces” finding people who have skipped out on paying their payments and or moved with the furniture, I was really successful at it, but my desire was still there to make a difference.

The Universe kept giving us dreams, desires and drive to start Relationship Reinvented, Coaching those in relationships, helping those going through issues, marriage coaching, and subsequently life coaching and such. Lee’s blogs were getting noticed and he was being called for to help. The universe kept putting it in our faces, in our spare time we took online certification courses, got a shit ton of CD Courses learned nothing, apart from what we already knew about compassion, leadership and team building and confidentiality ect,, Lee’s famous words to me that still ring through my ears today is “If you put me in front of people i’ll speak” I heard that, but had no where to start… Then final separation came and it was painful, our relationship was over, both had moved on the “finality” of what was Lee and Sherry and Relationship Reinvented was over before it started. I was devastated and well Life went on, I found a small little temporary office job helping out a friend who was out on maternity leave.

Then the reuniting came into plan and wouldn’t the universe have it but to have the girl come back from leave and again leave me jobless. Lee was still working the same retail job he had for years, it was lucrative enough just not his passion, however his passion was there, he was able to connect with people, help them, give them advice, he was able to build good working relationships with co workers, build teams show compassion and be a mentor to so many. Relationship Reinvented was born again as Lee began to write, the dreams started back up and the passion was back full force.Our Union is the key to Relationship Reinvented, we finally realized that, the Business is built on our union! The dream had always been alive its just us that was not. When you are ready its the Universe that will let you know. AND That is just what the universe did!, Lee lost his job. His job title was eliminated! So now what??? JEEZE, We were fresh from separation, fresh from seeing other people and we needed to do something fast! Trusting in the universe was the first step and realizing well the universe is adamant about these dreams.

Lee started blogging harder, we were taking the steps to build a coaching business, we were communicating and it was not easy as emotions were raw, sometimes even interfering with building the business, there was a spiritual aspect involved, something driving our union, something driving us to do this, but dammit if we did not have communication mastered. Communication about business flowed like a river, but about personal well there was hurt and open wounds and all the while in healing sometimes the human thought process is really hard to overcome.It was my thought process, My human thought process.

So the universe stepped in and removed me, subsequently it was my fault as I still had some obligations to take care of from my troubles back in day, seems my responsibilities have been overlooked and I did not
do what I was supposed to do and I was in damn trouble again. As the Universe would have it Lee and I were separated Physically but not spiritually, the telepathy got stronger the communication got stronger by the day, Lee was home writing, writing and writing and helping people, talking to people, and guiding and I was teaching Chakra classes and meditating daily and actually helping him with business by calling him multiple times a day, and answering blog posts, sending him blog posts and just staying true to me and living in truth. It was quite the journey, the premise for Relationship Reinvented is to help change the world, help others by helping them to go inside and get to the root of their issues, stand in their truths.The universe paved the way and we followed. The Twin Flame dynamic was never really a part of why we started Relationship Reinvented.  The Universe simply put it in our paths, we knew what we were doing was mission and we also knew we were in a Twin Flame union but becoming Twin Flame coaches just came natural, What we do is help Twins look at the relationships they have to themselves to see why they are not in Union, and help those who are not familiar with the dynamic to see why they create exceptions in all relationships. Relationship Reinvented is about the relationship you have to yourself.

When the Universe deemed it necessary for me to come home I did and we went at it full force, We trusted the Universe that Relationship Reinvented was our mission and the Universe sustained us, we also had Lee’s unemployment at that time, but soon the universe would test our faith and take it away. Coaching is what we were doing, coaching couples, coaching individuals, parentless prevention, through divorces, through family issues, through personal issues, Relationship Reinvented was born and subsequently so was Twin Flames Lee and Sherry, and we were getting a lot of inquiries for Twin Flame Coaching. We enjoy coaching Twins and those who are involved in the dynamic who is in separation or running and chasing or those struggling inside of the dynamic, it is rewarding to the soul and the Universe always send us those ready to do the work, some who are not but when they are ready they will have the tools to do it. We coach outside of the dynamic as well, worldwide, we now have major celebrity clients and clients all over the world.

The Universe trusted us with the dreams of Relationship Reinvented and we trusted the Universe to have our backs. Last year we toured the U.S.A. Not able to make it to near as many cities as we would have liked, but the ones we did get to were amazing and rewarding and we feel we made a difference. A world Tour is now being planned with Europe and Australia in the works, as well as more US cities, our you tube channel is still ongoing and Relationship Reinvented is our life’s work. It is all we do. Lee and I have a home office where we work sometimes 9 am – 10 pm at night without a break, paying our dues in the Business world, working long hours and helping as many people as we can in a day, our schedule last year when not traveling was overwhelming but rewarding. We love what we do, we work from home, we are our own bosses and we can make our own hours.

When I look back The pillow talk is now reality, Ive put Lee in front of people and his words change lives, and we have now been called on for interviews with people we have only dreamed of. We already do at least 2 radio interviews a month and moving toward more interviews and public speaking and conferences and conversions and such. The key phrase I always keep in mind is to stay humble ! I sometimes look back to where I have been, lying in a bunk with a drive to help change the world, and I am damn well doing it, if it is 1 person at a time.

How? How do you manifest something like this?

*Follow Universal signs
*Believe in signs and wonders and believe the Universe is Trying to tell you something!
*Believe the Universe has a plan for you, and the meaning of life is to find your gift.
*Believe the Universe will have your back, BELIEVE without doubt! Key word no doubt!
*Believe the universe will not let you down and will not let you suffer if you trust and have just a tiny little fiber of Faith.
*Trust your instincts, always go with your Gut
*Feel the pull, feel where the universe is leading you
*Believe in yourself, You have it in you to do anything you want and achieve all of your dreams.
*Go for it! The Universe will not set you up for failure
*Follow your soul and your mission always!
*Don’t let anything stand in your way, The Universe will not lead you without giving you resources to get there YOU have to utilize them.
* Always look at things positively, The Universe will make a way if you don’t, for example I could have used my “vacation” physically away from Lee as a Negative thing and got pissed off at the world and the Judge and whoever else was involved, but in reality it was a blessing, we learned so much. Sometimes bad things happen for good reasons and end up being the best things that can ever happen to you.


Relationship Reinvented LCC is a child, Lee and I Birthed,and we have grown it into a world Wide business, Relationship Reinvented our personal schedule got way to overwhelming and in keeping with Universal plan of helping change the world by helping people go inside themselves, the Universe continued with Dreams, and keeps on, the dream for the Certification Program came to me and I did not hesitate, I had faith in the Universe, Lee and I began the process 3 years ago, took all the legal necessary steps and the certification program was birthed. It was hard at times to “let go and share our baby with others” But once we did, it flourished! We now have over 35 and growing Certified Coaches who have went though or are going through our program to answer their own call to help coach others and help free up our schedule so we can fulfill our speaking obligations and conference appearances and our Tour this year. While we still coach and we always will, we have amazing Coaches personally trained by us who have answered the call to help us in our mission. We knew this mission was global, and in all reality it is only just beginning. Relationship Reinvented is ready for this New Year, New experiences and travel and really taking action to help change the world !! We are here World and ready for anything you have for us!

Everyday Lee and I coach from our pain, everyday Lee and I coach from our separations, from the bullshit we put one another through, Everyday we stand in our truths, we tell others to stand in theirs, we pull people out of the lies and manipulations and abandonment and fear we were once in. With my in your face, sometimes to raw, truth, and Lee’s gentle, compassion and loving spirit, We coach as a team, While Lee does the majority of the coaching and I handle the majority of the business aspect of it, I am most always in session with him unless I am playing mom taxi to and from school. Lee helps as well with some business stuff, we now have a team of coaches, a business manager and a marketing manager and a promotions team. Seems like the Universe knows what it is doing after all, and perhaps if we would have believed in that instead of living in our “human thought processes” we could have been doing this sooner but then that would not have been universal plan would it?

Trust in the Universe, Stand in your truth, don’t keep anything in, be free of lies and deceit and manipulation, Be Free of Fear and the Universe will give you your own dreams. Wether you are in a union, or marriage or relationship or you are single, does not matter, YOU have what it takes RIGHT NOW, to follow your dreams, the Universe will fill in the blank spots when its time!
Believe, Have Faith, and Love Deeply and DO THE WORK!

If I can do it, so can you!


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